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Alison Hill

Pathfinder Project Manager, Down Selection Management – Innovation

Alison Hill is a fierce healthcare advocate focused on helping everyday people navigate the often complex healthcare system.  For almost a decade, Alison has worked both directly and indirectly with healthcare consumers to translate complicated insurance language into understandable, digestible information that can ultimately influence an individual’s care in a positive way.


Prior to Red Duke Strategies, Alison worked alongside Angela Aicher and Sean Hogan at Accolade, a personalized healthcare advocacy company.  Alison held several positions ranging from Project Management, Customer Implementations, Learning & Performance, to Operations.


Outside of work, Alison enjoys spending time with her husband, young daughter, and active dog.  As the wife of a music educator, Alison can usually be found supporting local music and musical theatre performances.  Alison holds a B.S. in International Business and Marketing from Elizabethtown College.  Alison also completed a minor in Spanish after studying abroad in Barcelona, Spain.

Alison Hill
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