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Brittany Lane

Marketing & Communications Analyst

Brittany is passionate about all things marketing and communications. While running her business as a consultant for small businesses and entrepreneurs, she enjoyed diving into Brand Strategy exercises to help companies identify who they are. Brittany is keen on listening to the pain points that are present in a business' system and helping them find ways to streamline their processes. Her specialty lies in helping organizations with branding themselves strategically to provide top tier services & products that meet their audiences' needs. She has successfully created over 1,000 graphics that were used in social media and email campaigns that drove customer engagement by 15%.

When Brittany is not engaging in marketing strategies and content creation, she can be found on a softball field teaching girls the fundamentals of the sport. As a former collegiate athlete that attended Winston Salem State University, she enjoys helping the youth find their passion in the sport and to learn life skills.

Brittany has a daughter and an adorable dog that she enjoys hanging out with on the weekends! You can find them outside in the city grabbing ice cream and pup cups at the local ice cream shop!

Brittany Lane
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