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Telisha Thomas

DoD Liaison for Higher Ground Education

As a military spouse and mother of two sons, Telisha Thomas put her corporate career in HR on hold and began an extensive journey into volunteerism. Faced with the challenges of a dynamic lifestyle requiring frequent transition and immersion into new and unfamiliar environments, Thomas quickly realized the need for support and advocacy for members of this unique community to which she belonged. She has advocated for military spouses and military-connected students for over 25 years.

She has advised military spouses at every level on diverse team building, military spouse protocol, and community engagement. After identifying the repetitive and unique challenges plaguing military students, Thomas began advocating in local schools and districts. She brought awareness to educators and administrators on the need for military students to have access, inclusion, and the ability to maintain academic rigor. Her work with the Vernon Parish School District in Leesville, LA, proves how local school officials can partner with their neighboring military community to create lasting opportunities for military students.

As a result of her advocacy and dedication to the military community, Telisha has been featured in various news outlets and has been the recipient of numerous awards. Telisha currently serves as the Department of Defense Liaison for Higher Ground Education, the parent company of Guidepost Montessori - the largest network of brick and mortar Montessori schools across the U.S., Asia, and Europe. In this role, Thomas is yet again fulfilling her passion and mission by addressing a need within the military community. As a consultant, she connects military spouses and military-connected students with the Montessori pedagogy through training, employment opportunities, and academic offerings.

Telisha Thomas
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