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Shawn DeWane

Business Development Advisor

Shawn DeWane joins Red Duke with extensive leadership experience spanning three decades in, and a strong track record for growing divisions of large organizations and small businesses—all in healthcare IT.  He has experience in both Healthcare IT funding and strategy/exit.  Recently, these include large divisions at McKesson and transitioning Hayes/MDaudit from a healthcare consulting organization to a SaaS healthcare Rev Cycle/Audit business and, as the CRO, growing the company to a sale and exit.  He currently serves as an Advisor for business development and is eager to be a part of bringing transformational healthcare technologies to the Veterans Health Administration.

Shawn believes in and recognizes that prioritizing customer success is the bottom line. He excels at growing the business, developing the right strategies, and putting together the right team for each client to enable them to achieve success. 

Shawn DeWane
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