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  • Greg Douquet

Changing the Lives of Veterans through Innovation at VA

In a commitment to the well-being of our nation's Veterans, the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) has undertaken groundbreaking initiatives to revolutionize healthcare. This blog post delves into a video that not only showcases the impactful work VHA is doing but also highlights the commitment to incorporating the voices of Veterans into their innovative strategies.

The Office of Healthcare Innovation and Learning (OHIL) stands at the forefront of healthcare innovation. Through methods such as clinical learning, pilot studies, and collaboration with Veterans, caregivers, and community partners, OHIL identifies and implements innovative solutions to healthcare challenges. This commitment to continuous improvement is evident in their efforts to personalize healthcare solutions and enhance the overall delivery of healthcare to Veterans and their families.

On the other hand, the Office of Advanced Manufacturing (OAM) serves as the central hub for cutting-edge manufacturing technologies. Embracing advancements like 3D printing, OAM focuses on creating patient-matched medical devices, ensuring equitable access within the VHA healthcare system. The collaboration between OHIL and OAM represents a holistic approach to innovation, aiming to address a wide range of healthcare needs.

The video within this toolkit features insightful perspectives from key figures driving innovation within VHA. Matthew Rowley, a Community Builder in the VHA Innovation Ecosystem, provides a unique lens into the collaborative efforts fostering innovation. Roscoe Butler, Senior Health Policy Advisor at Paralyzed Veterans of America, brings the voice of a Veterans Service Organization (VSO), shedding light on the importance of VHA's work from a Veterans' advocacy standpoint.

Dr. Susan Kirsch, Deputy Undersecretary for Health for Discovery, Education, Affiliated Networks (DEAN), offers a glimpse into the educational aspects of VHA's initiatives. Finally, Brian Burkhardt, Clinical Rehabilitation Engineer and OAM Richmond Hub Lab Lead, provides insights into the application of advanced manufacturing technologies in healthcare.

The goal of the content presented here is clear—to introduce each project, educate Veterans and external audiences on the impactful work happening at VHA, and facilitate a deeper connection between Veterans and the resources highlighted in each video. The video content serves as the centerpiece for each post, ensuring that the message is both engaging and informative.

As VHA continues to push the boundaries of innovation in healthcare, the importance of incorporating the voice of the Veteran cannot be overstated. This video and its accompanying strategy represent a significant step towards fostering understanding, awareness, and connection between Veterans and the transformative work happening within VHA. By putting Veterans at the center of their initiatives, VHA is not just advancing healthcare but also honoring the commitment to those who have served our nation.

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