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Dylan Tête

Program Manager

Dylan Tête is a West Point graduate, Iraq War veteran, and the founder of Bastion Community of Resilience—America’s first intentionally designed neighborhood for veterans and families with life-altering injuries. Prior to Bastion and upon his return from Iraq, Dylan built FEMA temporary housing facilities in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and later became the Planning Chief of New Orleans Homeland Security. In this role, Dylan was responsible for the strategic revisioning of the Urban Area Security Initiative and operationalizing a multi-jurisdiction response to the BP Oil Spill.


For his devotion to military veterans living with traumatic brain injuries, Dylan received the George W. Bush Military Service Citation from the 43rd President of the United States. As a Scholar of the Veteran Leadership Program at the Bush Institute, Dylan elevated the efficacy of non-clinical interventions to improve veteran health, culminating with his five-year cohort study, “The Effect of an Intentional Residential Community on the Reintegration of Veterans with a Traumatic Brain Injury and their Families.” He is also a member of the Delta Omega Honor Society and earned his Master’s in Public Health at Louisiana State University.


Before joining Red Duke Strategies, Dylan completed the Marshall Memorial Fellowship and advocated with the U.S. Department of State for increased funding to support veteran reintegration in Ukraine following Russia’s full-scale invasion. His interest in Ukraine began in 2018 when he embedded with photojournalist J.T. Blatty and a military volunteer unit fighting in the Donbas, and later accompanied former U.S. Secretary Bob McDonald to Kyiv in support of the newly created Ministry of Veterans Affairs. In his spare time, Dylan enjoys yoga and facilitating mind-body skills groups with trauma survivors.

Dylan Tête
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